Our Message-DHA MULTAN

By the grace of Allah Almighty, DHA Multan has embarked upon its grand goal of Livability. With the proclamation of "2021 as Year of Livability", DHA Multan is all set to receive its members and residents start enjoying the ambience of "Paradise of Southern Punjab" which would keep unfolding its always new features with every coming day. If it is going to be luxurious modern living, it would also be foci of sports and gaming spree awaiting you. If it is going to be a fully developed education and medical city, it would also offer the best amenities and entertainments like top quality hoteling, food restaurants, championship golf course, dancing fountains, parks and 360 Zoo. I, as Project Director of DHA Multan, warmly welcome all to join us in this new era of modernity and luxury. I sincerely wish to see DHAM blooming to its zenith.

Brig Muhammad Shoeb Anwar Kayani
Project Director DHA Multan